ProIT-Solutions, LLC has a unique combination of skilled software engineering & testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies for a wide range of solutions. This includes new application/ product testing, support and integration.

The team has experience and focus on testing, both as part of the development team and as an external authority. Expertise covers test-plan development, test-case development, regression testing, bug maintenance and certification. Automated test scripts are developed where appropriate. Our Software Testing Team has been handling Manual Testing and Automation Testing tasks with equal ease. The Automation Testing Team has been handling customer requirements using QTP, Selenium and other industry standard and open source tools.

ProIT-Solutions, LLC has resources specifically trained for Desktop Application Testing, Web Application Testing and Mobile Application Testing. ProIT-Solutions, LLC provides specialized testing services for various verticals e.g. Healthcare Application Testing Services, Game Testing Services and areas like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), CMS Testing Services, Publication Software/ Products, Mobile Application etc. with in-depth understanding and usage of proven software testing tools such as Quick Test Pro (QTP), Selenium Testing, JMeter, Loadrunner, Performance Center etc.

Our Testing Centre of Excellence draws upon 15+ years of testing experience with an accumulated knowledge base, proven track record and deep domain expertise. We have dedicated resources with unique skill set and expertise as well as onshore/onsite and offshore capability. With scalable resource and delivery flexibility – there is always high skilled capacity to accommodate increased demand.

Our Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) focuses on building effective Process, efficient People & Tool Repository. Our Test Accelerator Kit provides a repository of shared resources and tools thereby reducing Time to Market and the risk involved. Our unique keyword based test design and automation framework provides a powerful framework for test design, automation and execution. We have alliances with major tool vendor(s) to help reducing cost of ownership of expensive software licenses. Our deep knowledge of open source tools like Selenium, Bugzilla, Testlink, OpenSTA, etc. to support the client to reduce cost and dependency on tool vendors.